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Welcome! Thank you for visiting our web-site. We aim at providing better service and more information for BCLers. we are planning more items written in English for your convenience. If you want to have further contact with Chinese BCLers or radio stations, we are willing to offer our help. We also hope to receive your letters, introducing BCLers' activities in your own country.

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 Programs Wonderful QSL cards will be offered to you.

Our DX program cooperating with CHBC named "BCLer's Sky" is on air now. That would be: Every Saturday 0730-0830 UTC on 6185 kHz and every Sunday 1600-1700 UTC on 6185 kHz. Note that CHBC use only 6185 in its Summer schedule and use both 6185 and 4830 in winter schedule. It is the first program for SWlers in Chinese. Wonderful QSL cards and other souvenirs will be offered to those who send reception reports to CHBC.

Mail to: Mr. Yuanjia, China Huayi Broadcasting Corporation, PO Box 251, Fuzhou, Fujian Province, China 350001
CHBC on line

 News News about Chinese radio stations and receivers.

Tecsun announces the new PL-230 receiver! It's a really GRUNDIG YB-550PE Chinese type. The overall performance remains same as PL-200.

Tecsun announces the new receivers again! R-102 pocket FM/AM receiver (photo) and R-308 FM/AM receiver (photo). The new attractive PL-200 short-wave receiver will be announced soon. Six tuning methods are available to make tuning the bands easy and quick. Enjoy AM, FM and full coverage short-wave from 1711-29999 kHz.

Radio Taipei International (CBS) will change their name! Radio Taipei International (CBS) will change their name to Radio Taiwan International from July 1. Starting July 1st, the 12 foreign languages of RTI will begin broadcasting with a new call sign: Radio Taiwan International. The mainland and Taiwan belong to one China.

A famous American world band vendor will import and sell Degen products! Degen announces the new DE1101 receiver (photo), read review at Another new product DE1102 (photo) is planned to trial produce on July, 2003. Compare with DE1101, DE1102 added some new functions, such as SSB, ATS, 190 E-EPROM memories, button with back-light. DE1103 is planned to trial produce on Oct, 2003.

Tecsun announces the new GREEN-138 emergency receiver (photo), the GREEN-138 operates from a wind-up generator. They announced another pocket receiver R-919 (photo) last month. The new R-919 looks like a hand-held scanner.
Tecsun R-102

Degen DE-1102

 Articles We hope to receive your articles or letters.

Benchmark Portable from New Manufacturer Degen is spanking new to world band, and it's off to a rip-roaring start.

A Dialogue with "Passport to World Band Radio" What does IBS think of the future of DX/BCL activities in world? Is the number of BCLers increasing or decreasing in recent years?

Under the North-star It is generally known that bclers are well informed about the geography of the word and it's affairs but I want anyway tell something about my remote homecountry and dxing there.

Living and Listening: A Finnish DXer in China My name is Esa Ronkainen, I am 47 years old. I live now in Nanning and my purpose is to learn Chinese.

SWL in Columbia I live in the city of Columbia located in the state of South Carolina in the United States of America. I enjoy both listening to and collecting short-wave receivers.

CQ,CQ,CQ...This is VK2IC My present call-sign is VK2IC. I am originally from New Zealand - I had the call of ZL4DE and also ZL7DE when I was working on the Chatham Islands a few years ago.

Chinese BCLers' activities Short-wave radios are most popular in China. It is a cheaper tool to know about foreign countries. Students use it to learn English.

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