ALBANIA World Time +1 (+2 midyear)

Radio Tirana, External Service, Rruga Ismail Qemali Nr.11,Tirana, Albania.
Email: (general) ; ; (Technical Directorate) or
Web: (general) ; ; (RealAudio from Radio Tirana 1, domestic service)
Contact: Bardhyl Pollo, Director of External Services; Adriana Bislea, English Department; Marjeta Thoma; Pandi Skaka, Producer; or Diana Koci; (Technical Directorate) Irfan Mandija, Chief of Radio Broadcasting, Technical Directorate; Hector Karanxha; or Rifat Kryeziu, Director of Technical Directorate; (Frequency Management) Mrs.Drita Cico, Head of RTV Monitoring Center. May send free stickers and postcards. Replies from the station are again forthcoming, but it is advisable to include return postage ($1 should be enough).

Trans World Radio-see Monaco

ALGERIA World Time +1 (+2 midyear)

Radio Algiers International-see details as "Radio Algerienne" below.

Radio Algerienne (ENRS)
NONTECHNICAL AND GENERAL TECHNICAL: 21 Boulevard des Martyrs 16000, Algeria.
Email: (information) ; (Direction Generale) ; (Direction Technique, including reception reports)
Web: (includes Windows Media)
Contact: (nontechnical) L.Zaghlami; Mrs.Zehira Yahi, Head of International Relations; or Relations Exterieures; (technical) M.Lakhdar Mahdi, Head of Technical Direction. Replies irregularly. French or Arabic preferred, but English accepted.
FREQUENCY MANAGEMENT OFFICE: Telediffusion d'Algerie, Centre Nsdal, Bouzareah 1850, Algeria.
Contact: Slimane Djematene; or Karim Zitouni.

ANGOLA World Time +1

Radio Ecclesia (when operating), Rua Comandante Bula 118, Sao Paulo, Angola; or C.P.3579, Luanda, Angola.
Contact: Fr. Antonio Jaca, General Manager. A Catholic station founded in 1954 and which broadcast continuously from March 1955 until closed by presidential decree in 1978. Reestablished in March 1997, when it was granted a permit to operate on FM. Experimented with shortwave transmissions via Radio Nederland facilities during July 2000, but these were terminated for technical reasons. Restarted transmissions in April 2001 via facilities of Germany's Deutsche Telekom (see). Eventually hopes to resume shortwave broadcast via its own transmitter, if and when the current tight regulations in Angola are relaxed.

Radio Nacional de Angola, C.P.1329, Luanda, Angola.
Email: (technical)
Web: (includes RealAudio) ; if the audio link doesn't work, try
Contact: Julio Mendonca, Diretor dos Servicos de Programas; Lourdes de Almeida, Chefe de Seccao; or Manuel Rabelais, Diretor Geral; (technical) Candido Rocha Pinto, Diretor dos Servicos Tecnicos. Formerly replied occasionally to correspondence, preferably in Portuguese, but replies have been more difficult recently. $1, return postage or 2 IRCs most helpful.