CQ,CQ,CQ...This is VK2IC

By Tony Magon

My name is Tony Magon and I am located in Sydney Australia.

I have visited china three times now. The first time was in 1993 and the last time was last year.

My wife is from Guangzhou and of course this is where her parents still live.

I have been involved in AM and SW listening since 1963. Have been involved in amateur radio since 1966.

My present callsign is VK2IC. I am originally from New Zealand - I had the call of ZL4DE and also ZL7DE when I was working on the Chatham Islands a few years ago.

On the three trips I have made to China I have taken a portable radio and a small AM tunable loop. The first portable I took was a DR28 and I took a Sangean 818CS last year.

I have quite a number of tapes of AM reception. I was supposed to write a number of reception reports but did not have time when I got back to Australia. I have met a chinese amateur friend in Guangzhou who speaks english very well (My Mandrin is very poor), and he is also interested in SW listening.

Have visited Beijing, Shanghai, and hangzhou, but have not been to Fujian province.

When I listen in china my listening starts about 8pm at night and some mornings did not finish until 5am.

Last year I received permission to operate from one of the amateur radio club stations in Guangzhou.

I also do a bit of SW DXing as well but more listening than sending reports at the moment.