Living and Listening:

A Finnish DXer in China

By Esa Ronkainen

My name is Esa Ronkainen I am 47 years old. I got the first information about DXing when I was 15 years old. Soon I joined to the Finnish DX-club SDXL. My first receiver was my parents' homeradio with five tubes. The antenna was a 15 meter longwire beetween the firtrees in our yard. Soon the local DX club was foound in my little hometown Vammala. It was exciting. The voices came from the distant countries. The travelling was not so cheap and easy in the 1970 than today. I got my first QSL from the BBC. It was transmitting in Finnish. I was delivering newspapers in the morning before the school and working in the factory inthe summer. So I could 1971 go to the English course to Torbay, Devon, England. I also visited that time at the BBC Bushhouse, London.

When I got home I bought to myself first communication receiver Trio 59 DS. I liked to listen to Spanish local stations on MW and Latin American stations mostly on the 60 mb.

After the school I was first working hard with my father building a steel factory in the nothern Finland. I saved all the money maid a three months voyage in North and Central America. Among other things I was trapping one month in Ontario Canada and met cree and Chippewa Indians.

The muse of history Kleio was my first love and prpbably will be the last. So I began to study political history in Turku University in south-west Finland. I was very disapointed to the intellectual climate of the university and soon I found myself workin in Stockholm, Sweden where the salaries were higher. I lost a lot of money by drinking expensive beer in the bars but I also began to write poems and published a couple of issues of radical-avantgarde cultural magazine.

I quit that because I had in France lernt to know a swiss philosophy student girl whom I married.First we moved to Finland and then to Zurich, Switzerland. There I was working in the cooperative shop warehouse and studing philosophy, history and poetry in the evening. The department of social sciences and humanities in the Zurich technical university is a very high level school. The chief was the most famous philosopher of science in the world Paul Feyerabend.

I bought also a new receiver in Switzerland: JRC 525. My marriage ended soon and I returned to Finland. After many difficulties I settled down again inb Turku. There had been technical difficulties with my JRC. Accidently I had some money and I boought a new receiver AOR-7030. I have it still today.

The two last years I have studied foreign languages in the boarding schools. French, Russian, Italian and German. My original plan was going to study in Russia but I lernt through net to know a young woman in Nanning who asked me come here. So I live now in Nanning and my purpose is to learn Chinese. I was just visting in Kuala Lumpur and my last plan is to write my thesis at th einternational islamic university of Malaysia and continue my studies in Chinese and Arabic. Well, that is the outline of my life. I listen every day shortwave transmissions. Now I shall go to listen Radio Finland on 21800 khz.