Under the Northstar

By Esa Ronkainen

It is generally known that bclers are well informed about the geography of the word and it's affairs but I want anyway tell something about my remote homecountry and dxing there. Finland is situated in Northwest Europe,Fennoscandia beetween Sweden and Russia.We have thousand kilometers common border with Russia. Our geopolitical situation has been complicated since the catholic church diveded in the aerly middle age. Finland has always belonged to the western Europe culturally. The famous English historian Arnold Toynbee said to my prefessor: Why the influence of latin of the lutherans is so big in Finland. He ment German language.Well,since the second world war the American influence in our culture is huge.Finnish language belongs to same small language group than Hungarian and Estonian. The literal culture is very young.the new testament was translated 500 years ago.It was the only finnish book long time.1840ies the national epos Kalevala was collected in the remote eastern villages.I believe you find in Chinese.If not translate it soon.it is a part of the world literature. A few years later our greatest literal talent Aleksis Kivi created the basic works of the Finnish novel,drama and lyrics.We had been four hundred years a part of Sweden.1812 Russia occupied Finland and we got a large autonomy. After the october revolution Finland got the independence. An interesting point is the the Helsinki university was Swedishspeakin until 1930ies.

Pardon me boys but there was electrician working here. OK. In beetween I took a cup of coffee and listened the greatest Finnish composer forever Jean Sibelius. I think none of us is on his level as musicman .They say his symphonies are like Beethoven. In one sense he anyway was like us.He loved to listen radio.

1939-1944 there was the war beetween Finland and the Soviet Union. The war ended and we had good relatioship later to the Soviet.We anyway belonged to western economy. There wa sa joke in Finland in 1970ies. In the international conference the American president Carter and generalsecretary Breznev ask the great computer how is the world affairs in 2020.First America.The computer says: the black president,the inflation 25% and the employment 30%. Then the Soviet.After long time the computer says:the Finnish-Chinese border doesn't comment this question. We shall see.

The radio activities began in Finland 1920ies by the hams.Soon the Finnish Broadcasting company was founded.Televison came in the end of fifties.First the radio and television was the state monopoly. If I remember right in the end of 1980ies became the first coomercial local fm stations. they are many now but their programmes are always the same. Music from the toplists. the commercial radio has not enlargened the freedom of the speech. I prefere the Finnish Broadcating Company channel one:mostly classical music, other arts and commentaries. Radio and television are going digital now.New channels and new programmes. If you want to listen how the Finnish sounds listen to 21.800khz, 18.00-20.00 the Beijing Time. Radio Finland will close down it's foreign language programmes. Maybe it has already done so.Anyway you can ask for QSL from the company which takes care of the transmitters.

Esa Ronkainen
Osman Erkan, Engin Asena.  Infront of the world map ( it shows to where transmission is directed ) Esa and the chiefs of Radio Turkey International.  Osman Erkan from the english programmes and Engin Asena from german programmes.
The guys maid tests in Pori with the ITT commercial receiver, JRC and AOR receivers.  The test shows ITT was the best.