SWL in Columbia

By Jason Hill

Jason Hill My name is Jason Hill and I am an American BCLer. I live in the city of Columbia located in the state of South Carolina in the United States of America. South Carolina is located on the East Coast of the United States. I enjoy both listening to and collecting shortwave receivers.

I first became interested in shortwave receivers when I spent a vacation in Charleston, South Carolina. The house I rented had a portable shortwave receiver in it that I would listen to in the evenings. The first channels I picked up were the BBC in London, England and The Voice of Russia from Moscow, Russia. Shortly after I returned from the vacation I purchased my first shortwave receiver. It was an analog Grundig YB-235. It was a very good receiver and provided me with many hours of enjoyment. In 1996 I bought my first PLL receiver, a Radio Shack DX-375. It had a keypad that allowed me to enter station frequencies instead of manually scanning to try to find stations. When I got married in 1999 my wife gave me a Sony 2010 as a wedding present. It is my favorite receiver and performs the best. I have also started collecting antique shortwave receivers. I own a Zenith Transoceanic Portable Receiver and a Grundig Majestic Model 7800 console receiver. The next receiver I want to purchase is a Tecsun BCL2000. I have seen pictures of it in The Passport To World Band Radio Guide. It is a great looking receiver and I would like to get a red model.

I spend about two to three hours a week listening to my shortwave receiver. My primary interest is in finding stations that play music. I really enjoy listening to songs and music from the different countries around the world that I find on the shortwave. I also like listening to news broadcasts from other countries.

The major countries I pick up are Canada, England, Russia, Japan, China, Germany, The Netherlands, Austria, Cuba, and France. Sometimes I can pick up Bulgaria, The United Arab Emirates, Costa Rica, Albania, India, Greece, Australia, and Viet Nam. All of these stations have programs in English as well as music from their country. My goal this year is to pick up 100 different countries on my receiver.

I hope DXing grows in China. Shortwave radio listening is an inexpensive, fun way to visit other countries and learn about their culture. And their music.